Dom’s car from the new Fast and the Furious is coming to Rocket League next week

This time it ain’t just about being fast

Both The Fast and the Furious and Rocket League are, at their cores, about cars doing ridiculous things. Ahead of Fast 8‘s April 14 release, the properties are pairing up for a cross-promotional move that makes perfect sense.

On April 4, Dom’s Dodge Ice Charger will be added to Rocket League as premium DLC. It comes with a set of exclusive wheels and six decals (as can be seen in the gallery below). Funny enough, Dom’s car is similar-looking to one of Rocket League‘s mainstay vehicles, the Dominus.

This isn’t the first time Psyonix has looked to movies for inspiration. In October 2015, Back to the Future‘s DeLorean was added as a battle-car; Batman v Superman‘s Batmobile debuted in February of last year. A key difference that players will be happy to hear is that Psyonix tells us Dom’s Charger is able to be customized.

How much to tear around in the Fast 8 car, picking up boost pads and pretending it’s NOS? Living life a quarter-mile at a time in Rocket League will run you eight quarters, as Dom’s Charger will cost $2.

Brett Makedonski
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