Domain squatting: stupid AND profitable!

Moments ago the destructophone received the following message:


I do not know if you are interested; but I own the domain .


I am sure a great amount of traffic will be driven to that domain with the popularity of the Wii and the games previous success and notoriety.

Would you like to secure that traffic is driven toward your initiatives with the purchase of the domain

Please contact me if you are interested.

** If you are not the individual that handles web-based initatives please forward this e-mail to the appropriate contact.

Thank you for your time.


[Some jerk’s real name and phone number]

Now, we respect the American entrepreneurial spirit as much as the next robot-based gaming website, but this guy, let’s call him Joseph (because that’s his real name), is just being a douche. While domain squatting has become much more common in recent years thanks to the massive rise in popularity of the Internet, generally the squatter is supposed to try to sell the domain to the individual who should actually own the domain in the first place, in this case Rockstar Games. Instead, Joe seems to want to entice good, upstanding websites like ours into becoming squatters ourselves and raking in the excess traffic that the popularity of the inevitable (and newly revealed) sequel is sure to have. While it may not be illegal, it’s certainly very slimy.

Joseph, I think I speak for everyone at Destructoid when I say you were adopted, and no one loves you.

[Niero also wishes herpes and tax errors to the owner of

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