Doko Roko looks magical with big swords and big explosions

Muy loco!

I don’t care what anyone says, lovingly-crafted pixel art can still get me super excited about a new game. I know a lot of people are tired of pixelated indie games by now, but damn, they can be so beautiful!

That’s precisely why I can’t help but be excited by games like Doko Roko, a new game by one-man indie studio, Okobu. The developer describes the game as “a roguelike, vertical platformer about strange magicks, weird swords, and the spread and mutation of ideas.”

Players take control of a mysterious, hooded figure and must climb a massive tower with giant, crazy-looking swords and spells at their disposal. It looks really cool so far, but for now, I’ll just let these gifs do the talking.

Doko Roko is still in development, with a planned release for PC and Mac.

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