Dokapon Journey announced for Nintendo DS

We recently reviewed the Wii and PS2 game Dokapon Kingdom, an addicting cross between a board game and a RPG. We loved it, and the few that I’ve talked to that have picked it up have not stopped playing it. It’s a great party game that could easily replace Mario Party and the like at your gatherings.

Now the series comes to the DS as Dokapon Journey. You can play the computer or up to three other friends via sing or multi-card wireless play. It looks to be all the fun of the home game, but now in portable form. Dokapon Journey is currently scheduled for release on April 14, 2009.

We noticed that Atlus says that “playing dirty” is the way to win in their press release. We’d have to agree. Nice guys finish last. Newbs will get a taste of that as we’re totally playing Dokapon Kingdom at Destructoid’s 3rd year anniversary party.  

Be sure to check out the new screenshots in our gallery below.

Dale North