Dog Aliens in my Aliens vs. Predator? Rebellion teases us

We’ve been chatting with Tim Jones, Head of Art and Design at Rebellion and project lead on Sega’s Aliens vs. Predator. While chewing the fat over the game’s design, I got to ask how gamers can personalize their multiplayer experience, how much customization is involved, and, of course, whether we’ll see any interesting Alien castes like the notorious “Runner” Dog Alien from Alien 3.

“We are not attempting to create a class-based system for multiplayer — we decided we had enough of a challenge to make sure the three different species are sufficiently balanced,” said Jones, reiterating earlier statements from the studio. “There will be an entertaining variety of character “skins” for people to choose from, however – including a some never-seen-before Predator Mask types. As for ‘Dog’ Aliens, you’ll have to wait and see … “

Oooh, sounds very promising indeed! The ability of the Xenomorph to take on attributes from its host has always lent itself well to videogames and toys, providing a unique variety of Aliens to choose from. It’ll be really interesting to see what kind of castes, skins and Predator masks will make their way into the game. 

I should have begged them to put Killer Crab Alien in there.

Jim Sterling