Does Resident Evil Village VR work on the original PSVR?

You’ll need the PSVR 2

After several years of wonder if it would ever come Resident Evil Village VR is fully out, and you can download the patch for free. Yep, there’s no premium fee to play this 2021 release in VR, but you will need premium tech: more specifically, PlayStation VR 2 hardwareRE Village VR won’t work with your original PSVR headset, so let’s go over why.

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Why doesn’t Resident Evil Village VR work with the original PSVR?

There are several big reasons why the 2023 release of the Resident Evil Village VR patch won’t work with the 2016 PSVR tech, beyond conventional marketing reasons (like having it serve as a shiny new launch title for the PSVR 2).

The game is built from the ground-up with the new Sense controllers

Resident Evil Village VR makes full use of the two Sense controllers, with one in each hand, and all of the new tech that comes with that. You can use each remote separately to control both of Ethan’s hands, make a fist with the finger tracking system, punch and block, and so on. The Move controllers are multiple generations old at this point, and couldn’t keep up with the demands that the PSVR 2 can now meet. The headset itself is like a new platform, and some old games won’t even work on the PSVR 2 because of how differently they control, and how everything is mapped.

Processing power

Similarly, the PSVR 2 is a lot stronger and can display the more intensive visuals needed for RE Village VR. This is a pretty demanding game, and since it contains the entirety of the main story of Resident Evil Village, it’s a lot easier to develop for the most capable platform and have it actually run smoothly in VR.

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