Does Pilgrim’s Bounty and 19th Anniversary reputation buff stack in WoW?

For a combined 29%

Does Pilgrim's Bounty and WoW 19th Anniversary reputation buff stack?

Now is a good time to increase your reputation in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Whether you’re trying to max rank old faction Renown levels, or trying to max out the new Dream Wardens faction, there’s no better time than now. The Darkmoon Faire has left, but we still have two incredible sources of increased reputation gains. But does Pilgrim’s Bounty and 19th Anniversary reputation buff stack in WoW? Let’s find out!

WoW Can you stack the two reputation buffs?
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Can you stack the Pilgrim’s Bounty and 19th Anniversary reputation buffs?

Yes, you can stack both the Pilgrim’s Bounty and WoW 19th Anniversary reputation buffs. With an increase of 10% and 19% respectively, the two buffs are additive, meaning you will get 29% bonus reputation gains with the two buffs active. It’s important to remember that reputation increases work for quest turn-ins, kills, and even reputation tokens.

As a sidenote, the extra 10% reputation increase for being the Human race also stacks additively. This means you can in total get a 39% increased bonus reputation gain, which is pretty insane.

How do you get the buffs?

First, to get the 19th Anniversary buff, you just need to log in to World of Warcraft during the event which is live now through December 7. Check your mail and you will receive a celebration package that also includes your 19% reputation increase during it.

As for the Pilgrim’s Bounty buff, which is called Spirit of Sharing, it works similarly to the Darkmoon Faire buff. Head outside either Stormwind or Orgrimmar and you will see a few tables. Sit down at one of the tables and you will see a new action bar allowing you to eat a specific food.

Push the hotkey to eat the food five times, which has a three-second cooldown between each. You will notice that you are building stacks of that food on your buff bar. Once you reach five stacks, sit up from your seat and sit at another, and begin eating that food. Once you’ve reached five stacks of all five foods, you will earn the Spirit of Sharing buff which gives you a 10% increased reputation for one hour. If it runs off, just return here and repeat the process.

So in short, Does Pilgrim’s Bounty and 19th Anniversary reputation buff stack in WoW? Yes, it does. And if you follow this guide you should be able to get both buffs active and receive a total 29% increased reputation.

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