Does not compute: Konami is doing free DLC for Super Bomberman R

That same Konami?

During a Konami sponsored episode of The Game Theorists last night, free DLC for Super Bomberman R on the Switch was teased.

Konami. Free DLC. I know, I’m still parsing this too. It might be a trick, but supposedly it’s happening. Although specifics weren’t given it seems as if levels and characters will be involved, which is the perfect way to keep people interested beyond the in-game currency levels and bombers already in. More info will come “in the next few days.” Ice and water worlds were shown.

If the pricey Bomberman R goes down in price and gets a sizable amount of add-ons, that would be pretty amazing for everyone on the fence. It’s nowhere near the best Bomberman game around, but it is fun and is eight players to boot.

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