Does Jedi Survivor have controller support on PC?

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It’s good news

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released last week to rave reviews, and then devastating player feedback as gamers experienced performance issues across the board. The PC version of Jedi Survivor was particularly hammered, with many players experiencing poor, strange, and confusing performance on a range of hardware.

It’s understandable, then, that there’s some confusion over what the PC version of Jedi Survivor does include, such as whether the game has controller support. Fortunately, the answer to that is yes, Jedi Survivor does have controller support on PC. In fact, when you first boot up the game, developer Respawn Entertainment even recommends a controller as the best way to play the game. However, that’s not the only thing to consider, there’s also the question of what controllers are supported.

Which controllers does Jedi Survivor support on PC?

Note: All of our controller compatibility testing has been carried out on Windows 10.

As a current-generation title, Jedi Survivor was developed for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC exclusively. Skipping out on the previous generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems entirely. That means the PlayStation 4 controller is not natively supported. However, the Xbox One controller is natively supported since it is forwards compatible with Microsoft’s new generation of consoles.

xbox controller screen in jedi survivor
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Naturally, the Xbox Series X/S version of the controller is also natively supported too. When connecting the Xbox controllers to your PC Jedi Survivor will automatically recognize them, and they can be seen in the settings menu, like in the screenshot above. PC players using an Xbox controller will be able to see the Xbox button prompts and have full edit options when it comes to adjusting the controls.

ps5 controller screen in jedi survivor
Screenshot by Destructoid

Refreshingly, the PS5 Dualsense controller is also natively supported in Jedi Survivor. This is welcome news for fans of Sony’s controller, as it isn’t always a given that even new games will support it in a plug-and-play fashion. PC gamers will find that the Dualsense has full compatibility with Jedi Survivor, with the correct button prompts appearing and full control customization available.

Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch Pro controller fans, there’s no native support for Nintendo’s device in the game. Anyone who wants to play Jedi Survivor with a Switch Pro controller or a PlayStation 4 controller may have some luck with third-party software. However, don’t expect the game to know which controller you’re using, as button prompts will likely default to the Xbox icons on Windows.

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