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Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple story endings? – Answered

More like multiple light diverging elements

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Hogwarts Legacy has some light RPG elements, and much to the delight/chagrin of many, lacks a morality system. As such, most of the choices in the game are superfluous or flavor-related, minus one near the end of the story. Here’s how it plays out, and what else can be changed.

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The main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy only has one big choice near the end

We’ll keep things vague, but the major story choice is right before the core Ranrok storyline finishes out. There is no penalty for using the dark arts, even in battle with professors or other students. This choice is the main mechanic that causes slight ending alterations.

Spoiler alert:

Near the very end of the game right before the final boss battle, Professor Fig will accompany you as you uncover an important relic.

Fig will ask you what you intend to do with it:

  • You can tell him you intend to keep it hidden away from prying eyes who may misuse its power (it will be after Ranrok is defeated, as of the events of this game)
  • Or you can insist (twice) that you unleash it/can wield it (you will absorb it after beating Ranrok)

Whatever choice you make, Fig will react to it (he’ll try to get you to take the former path), and Ranrok will interrupt. After the ensuing boss battle, the game will go on as normal, and you can clean up anything you have left to do.

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One sidequest has another choice, with generally the same result

This choice comes at the very end of the Sebastian Sallow storyline, after you have unlocked the Avada Kedavra killing curse.

Spoiler alert:

Sebastian uses the killing curse on another story-related person, and you are tasked with deciding what to do with him. His friend (and yours) Ominis Gaunt will suggest telling the headmaster about his actions: you can choose to turn him in, or let it lie. In either case, Sebastian will leave the storyline for good.

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Hogwarts Legacy also has a postgame

After Ranrok is dealt with, you can clear out all of the other sidequests/activities/log pages you need in the open world, freely. The only real milestone is a level 34 quest (far above the required level for the ending), that deals with the House Cup.

This quest seeks to tie up some loose ends with your time at Hogwarts, from a more micro-narrative student perspective.

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