Does Hogwarts Legacy have haptic DualSense feedback support on PC?

No, but it hasn’t been explicitly ruled out

Playing on PC has myriad benefits, but you can also assume a certain degree of risk with any given PC port; especially when it comes to quality and an array of issues that are rig-centric. One of those aforementioned beenfits is the ability to use the controller you want, sometimes to extreme degrees with button mapping software and tons of great adapters that support legacy inputs. While the DualSense is one of the newer controllers on the market, not every game inherently supports haptic feedback, even if the game is multiplatform and available on PS5. Hogwarts Legacy is one of those games.

Hogwarts Legacy does not have haptic feedback support on PC, but that could change

Based on the Steam listing and the community at largeHogwarts Legacy doesn’t support DualSense haptic feedback on PC. While basic rumble can work as a result of your setup/Steam settings, it isn’t full DualSense haptic feedback support: which is far more detailed than traditional rumble, and takes a more tactile approach with its triggers.

The thing is, WB Interactive has never outright stated that it isn’t ever coming to the PC. It could get an update in the future, or it could technically be in; it just needs a patch to fix/enable it.


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