Does Crash Team Rumble have cross-play? – Answered

Crash Team Rumble Cross-Play

Xbox gamers, don’t take my wumpa fruit!

With the Call of Duty multiplayer players long being cross-compatible between all systems, it would only make sense that Activision’s Crash Team Rumble cross-play is possible. It also allows friends to invite each other to play a game, no matter the system they’ve purchased. Here’s the official answer on if Crash Team Rumble cross-play is happening or not.

Is Crash Team Rumble cross-play actually happening?

Crash Team Rumble Cross-play Functionality
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For a multiplayer game to succeed in 2023, cross-play is an essential feature. Thankfully, Crash Team Rumble, which may have a low player count due to most fans expecting a platforming experience, supports it.“Crash Team Rumble is a competitive, strategic, multiplayer, platforming game that players can enjoy cross-platform,” said Associate Creative Director Lou Studdert on Xbox Wire. “There will be public and private matches, so players can jump into a game with their friends or choose to find a game in the public lobby.”

It’s great you can squad up with your friends at any time as you need to have effective communication across the team. There are different classes, so each player in the four-person squad has a role. For example, the Booster collects gems throughout the map, while the Blocker stops others from reaching your Wumpa Bank (stealing your points). The Scorer, Crash’s class, also scours the level for Wumpa fruit and delivers them back to the Bank. The team with the best Wumpa Fruit score wins.

Can you have Crash and Neo Cortex team up?

It will be weird to see Crash and Neo Cortex teaming up once more since Twinsanity, but you can indeed have a squad made of heroes and villains on the same side. “You can have a team with three teammates playing Neo Cortex and one as Crash Bandicoot,” Studdert explains in the same Xbox Wire interview.

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