Does anyone care that Evolve is getting a new hunter on August 11?

Check out the cringeworthy hunter nerd

The cringeworthy video above features the Skyrim-esque hunter Jack, who is releasing alongside Evolve‘s Hunt 2.0 update this coming Tuesday, August 11. The update will include improvements to Hunt mode’s matchmaking, revamped leaderboards, a free arena map, and other improvements. But is it too little too late? 

Developer Turtle Rock had previously said Evolve was built from the ground up for DLC “more so than any game ever before.” I wonder how that has worked out for the studio. According to Steam Charts’ numbers, not so great — Evolve went from having an average of 9,030 players near launch to a measly 393 player average now.

Are you willing to buy another season pass for Evolve? If so, it is going to run you $24.99, which nets you four new hunters, a new monster, and five exclusive skins. According to the game’s Steam page, “All content will be released by March 2016,” meaning they could potentially string this season pass along for seven months.

We seemingly overlooked the recent release of the first character from the new season pass, Lennox. She’s the first female assault hunter and is a feisty old lady. Yawn.

Evolve hunting season 2 continues with the next hunter, Jack [Evolve]

Jed Whitaker