Doctorates and rockets on Sup Holmes today with Kim Voll

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[Update: Show’s over everyone! Thanks so much to Kim for hanging out. Here’s a lecture she gave on Cognitive Game Design not that long ago. Just see if you can handle it.]

Today on Sup Holmes we’re set to welcome Dr. Kimberly Voll to the program. This is the second episode in a row that we’ve had a developer/professor combo on the show, which I bet is some kind of record for mildly popular live stream/podcasts about videogame developers. Someone give me a major award immediately! 

We’ll be talking to Kim about her experiences with teaching game design, curating the Evolution of Gaming exhibit from last year, her latest game ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, and whatever else comes up. Join us here at 4pm EST for the full spritely chat.

Jonathan Holmes
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