Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Game Act 2 is out

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Almost two weeks ago, we caught the first act of Doctor Octoroc’s 8-bit presentation of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Game, based on the Joss Whedon web sensation of similar name. At that time, it was uncertain when the second portion of the three-act musical would be hitting. Seems like Octoroc got to work after all the hub-bub on the net about his project and he’s cranked out that very second act for your viewing pleasure.

Now, the uberdork in me wants to point out how the continuity isn’t quite right in the first song, but I’ve totally managed to resist that urge. There’s some more clever work here, including a visualization of the epic battle between Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer at the Superhero Bridge dedication ceremony left absent — to great comic effect, mind you — from the original musical.

Also, I want to play the minigame at the end of this act so, so hard. The above video is only part one of the second act. Part two awaits below.

8-BIT DR. HORRIBLE (ACT 2) IS FINISHED! [Doctor Octoroc]

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