Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! headlines Club Nintendo blowout sale, with tons of new rewards

It also broke the site

As I was enjoying the hunt for the Rosalina amiibo with a friend yesterday, we talked about what the new Club Nintendo would be like. But first, they have to close out their current one so we thought, “hey, wouldn’t it be nice if they released all the previously exclusive Club games?”

Well it looks like that wish came true, as Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!!, originally on WiiWare, is now available on the service for 250 Coins. The problem is, it also broke the site. Stay patient and keep trying later in the day.

It also looks like a ton of rewards have been added, both physical and digital, like Wonderful 101 for a dirt-cheap 600 Coins. Check it out!

Doc Louis’ Punch Out!! [Club Nintendo] 

Chris Carter
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