Do you want to be really happy? Watch this new Final Fantasy IV DS trailer

I will be completely honest, when I heard that they were remaking Final Fantasy IV with fancy 3D graphics for the Nintendo DS I actually wasn’t at all looking forward to it. The Super Nintendo classic is easily in my top ten favorite games of all time and I didn’t want anything tampered with. Would Palom and Porom’s heartbreaking sacrifice (my favorite scene) have the same emotional impact? No one would ever think to repaint the Mona Lisa, right?

But then I saw the above trailer and all of my feelings changed.

There seem to be so many new features hinted at that I can’t help but get excited. The CG cutscenes and updated character designs look absolutely stunning, the new love theme is beautiful, and (gasp!) what’s this? Full voice-acting? That’s right; if the trailer is to be believed, it looks like Cecil and the gang are actually going to be speaking this time around.

Seriously, I need to lie down; I think I am going to pass out.

Chad Concelmo