Do you use Gunnars at all?

I use ’em when I get migraines and have to work

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Around five years ago I was sent a pair of Gunnar PPKs. Like most people I was leery of the claims, but ended up finding a big use for them: migraine control.

The gist is that Gunnar glasses “battle eye strain and block blue light” allowing you “more focus.” Some people swear by them. I sometimes wear them. With a pair of Division 2-themed Intercepts hitting my doorstep I figured it was time for another community discussion: does anyone use ’em?

To be precise, I was sent this exact pair: the Intercept model, Division 2 edition, pictured on the left above. They’re 80 bucks, which is roughly the price of a nice pair of polarized sunglasses (you can get functional UV/blue blocking for cheaper, but I’ve found the Gunnars I’ve used to last a while).

I prefer slimmer lenses (like the aforementioned PPKs, pictured on the right above) for public use, mostly because the Intercepts make me look like Drew Carey (a look that works for him, God bless his enthusiastic shouting “scenes from a hat!” soul).  But the wide lenses of the Intercept model worked great at home and managed to slot nicely over the bridge of my nose: useful for full coverage when I’m laying down trying to watch TV with a headache (I won’t go a day, tops, without watching the latest episode of You’re the Worst).

Despite using them regularly for years in special cases, I haven’t necessarily recommended them over other sunglasses because there’s so many options out there. It’s weird. They work for me, I’m happy with them, but there’s definitely a mystique behind the brand given the “gamer” angle with some claims that are tough to prove long term.

Which is why I want to hear from you all.

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