Do you still use your PlayStation TV?

And did you get it modded?

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The PlayStation Vita will always be one of the more fascinating gaming devices to come out of Sony. It was powerful, beautiful, and produced some of the most inventive games on the market. And yet, it didn’t really go anywhere. It kind of just hit and then slowly fizzled away over the next several years, surviving on niche JRPGs and celebrated visual novels. For some, it was their Persona machine and nothing more.

My first brush with the Vita ecosystem came a few years down the road. Sony, in some sort of attempt to salvage the brand, released the PlayStation TV in 2013. There was much anticipation for it until everyone realized many of their Vita games wouldn’t work with it. The PS TV launched in the US for $100 in October 2014. Ten months later, you could get it brand new for $35 or less, which is exactly when I picked it up, along with a copy of Persona 4 Golden and a far-too-small 16 GB memory card.

I was reminded of all this on Sunday when my post on the Xbox Series S went live, and some commenters noticed the device sitting on my TV stand. Despite picking up an OLED PlayStation Vita in 2017, I never got rid of my PS TV. Sure, it hasn’t been hooked up in years, but I can’t stand to part with the little guy just yet. Too many happy memories of me playing Muramasa Rebirth on it.

There is a very good chance I’d still play it today if I could just get my hands on a larger memory card. The Vita line-up has so many gems that I’d buy in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to keep downloading and deleting them from my tiny 16 GB card. I curse myself for being so cheap back then, though Sony’s utter reluctance to drop the price of its cards is more to blame.

I don’t know if I’ll ever hook mine back up or if it’ll just remain this funky little device I keep on a shelf and never use (like my Steam Link), but with nothing else worth writing about today, I wanted to see if any of our readers are still rocking their PlayStation TVs. Let us know in the comments below, and for anyone who might ask, no, I’m not selling mine.

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