Do you go out of your way to help people in online games?

Why or why not

As a general rule, I play online games by myself if at all possible. In Final Fantasy XIV, the game I’ve been playing most lately due to the release of the recent Heavensward expansion, I politely declined most groups to tackle the main story quest by myself, and only grouped when I needed to for dungeons and trials.

Once I’m all geared up and maxed out though (my Paladin is full i180 with some i190 peppered in there), I like to rejoin civilization, and when I can, help people out. The other day I decided to just fly around zones and look for B-rank hunt targets that I didn’t need, shouting them out so fellow hunters could find them. When I play online games I instantly get a sense of comradery once I feel comfortable, but that mentality might not necessarily apply to everyone else.

So I ask the community — how do you generally approach online games? Do you stay reserved throughout the entire experience? Do you come out of your shell immediately? Or is it a gradual metamorphosis, similar to the situation I described above? Think of your answer in a general sense, whether it’s with FPS games, MMOs, MOBAs, and beyond.

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