Do want: Hori HDMI PlayStation 3 LCD Monitor looks great

Hori seems to be very good at making products that make me want to reach for my wallet. Whether it’s a gorgeous arcade stick, specialty controller, or this compact HD PlayStation 3 monitor, two words come to mind: DO WANT.

Apparently the HD LCD Monitor 3 has been around for a couple years, but Hori is putting out an updated version come July 26th that trades the AV multi and composite inputs of the 2010 version for HDMI and D-input. Other than that the monitor is essentially the same, retaining the resolution of 1366×768 and 11.6″ screen of the original.

It’s something of a luxury for sure, but I can definitely see myself getting some solid use out of this thing. Given that you still need external power it’s not exactly portable, but it would be serviceable for a desktop console or anyone looking to take the PlayStation 3 on an extended road trip. And then there’s always the possibility of taking a page out of the Wii U handbook and using the small screen to settle quarrels over who gets to use the television. 

Admittedly, his type of device may have lost some of its initial appeal what with the recent launch of the Vita bringing more robust, console-like experiences to portables. But if you’ve got money to burn, there’s certainly worse things you could do with ¥26,800 ($330). 

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