Do this to get 80 free pulls/rolls in Honkai Star Rail

How to get 90 free pulls in Honkai: Star Rail. That’s 10 more than 80!

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Honkai: Star Rail has left the station and will go down as one of the biggest free-to-play games of 2023. As a gacha title like HoYoverse’s other games, much of your account’s power will come from the heroes and items in your collection. To this end, you’ll want to collect as many free rolls of the gacha (which Star Rail calls “Warps”) that the game will give you.

Now, you might have seen advertisements for the game mentioning “80 free pulls” for new players. In fact, the number recently increased to 90 pulls. This is technically accurate, but it is arguably a bit misleading. You won’t find a single gift or code that will magically give this huge number of free pulls at once. Instead, you’ll get these pulls through a combination of launch celebrations and permanent events for new players. Look at the following places to get all these pulls for your account.

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Collect the pre-registration bonus

Before Honkai: Star Rail released, HoYoverse held a promotion to give away free goodies depending on how many people pre-registered for the game. Fortunately, hype for Honkai: Star Rail was so immense that every freebie on the table was distributed. Even better, you’ll still get these gifts even if you never pre-registered for the game.

Simply check your mail as soon as the game lets you and you’ll get 20 Star Rail Passes. These will let you pull on the Standard Banner or the Beginner Banner 20 times. Additionally, pre-registration rewards will net you the character Serval and 100,000 Credits. We can’t confirm how long pre-registration rewards will last. HoYoverse may insert different rewards in their place later on.

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Participate in A World Beyond

This one’s easy. Once you unlock the Travel Log, you’ll have access to a login event called A World Beyond. As long as you open the game and click on this window, you’ll get rewards. Do this for seven days, and you’ll have a total of 10 Special Star Rail Passes.

Special Star Rail Passes may be used on Character Event Warps and Light Cone Event Warps, making them especially valuable for targeting new characters.

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Complete the Trailblazing Will event

Trailblazing Will is easily your greatest source of pulls. This permanent event gives players stacks of Star Rail Passes and the Stellar Jade premium currency as they raise their Trailblaze Level. By the time you reach level 35, you’ll gain a total of 40 Star Rail Passes and 1600 Stellar Jade.

This is enough Stellar Jade for a 10-pull on any banner you choose, so this equals 50 pulls in total.

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Grab the Departure Thank You Gift

If you’ve done your math, you’ll note that the above three sources equal 80 pulls already. However, since push notifications have since increased the claim to 90 free pulls, we have to mention where the extra 10 pulls come from.

As part of a launch celebration, HoYoverse released a “Departure Festival” that contains performances of Honkai: Star Rail’s most notable tracks. As part of this promotion, players were mailed a thank-you gift that contains 10 Special Star Rail Passes. Watching the Departure Festival is optional, but if you love the game, it’s worth a look.

Fortunately, these aren’t the only free pulls in Honkai: Star Rail. As you complete quests and progress the main story, you’ll find enough premium currency and resources to fill out your roster with a diverse set of units. Additionally, if Genshin Impact is anything to go by, we’ll have plenty of events in the future that will distribute more pulls. So just keep playing with what you have and consider taking a break if you’ve run out of content to enjoy.

In the meantime, check out our list of promotional codes in Honkai: Star Rail for more freebies!

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