Do not shoot yourself in the head: Persona 4 coming to PS2

If watching your characters shoot themselves in the head in Persona 3 sent shivers of delight coursing down your spine, this could be the news of the week for you: Famitsu has posted images and info about the sequel, Persona 4, which is described as being 1.5 times larger than Persona 3. Woo! I guess this isn’t that Atlus top secret project we heard about last year, but it’s fine news nonetheless.

The PS2 title is slated for a July 10th release date in Japan and will feature over 180 Personas for you to obtain as you explore. The game has a suspenseful enviroment and will be set in the country, where fog means a can-kicking is imminent (murders occur when fog descends on the in-game world) and nothing is quite what it seems. The game weighs in at 60-70 play hours and will offer multiple endings for the player to discover.

Persona 3 rocked my world from concept to details, but for me the only downfall was the repetition I felt about midway through the game, so I’m interested to see how (or if) this sequel will address that. Regardless, the game was one of the most unique to hit consoles last year, so you can be sure Atlus has more greatness up their sleeves for this one.

[Via Akayuki — thanks Jacob!]

Colette Bennett