DNF Duel gets first major balance patch… and chaos looks set to continue

dnf duel patch notes swift master version 105

Just keep punching, Apollo…

Nexon and Arc System Works have released the first “major” balance update to their fun but somewhat outrageous fighter DNF Duel — and, to the surprise of both nobody and everybody, it seems that the utter mayhem that is the colorful anime fighter is set to continue, with little in the way of sensible action.

Version 106 brings with it only a handful of changes, mostly targeting the very powerful wind mage Swift Master — arguably the most troublesome fighter in a roster filled with troublesome fighters. Also feeling the sting, albeit mildly are the dashing and deadly Hitman, the hard-punching Striker, and the up-close-and-personal Grappler (who honestly needed buffs, not nerfs).

And… erm… that’s pretty much it. The rebalance features a slew of changes for Swift Master, and one-to-three changes for three other characters. The DNF Duel community has reacted to the balance update with both a little confusion and a little apathy — clearly expecting far more in the way of character rebalance efforts in the hyper-aggressive fighter. But nope. That’s your lot for this round, it seems.

While this might be something of a controversial statement, I “get it.” Nexon wants DNF Duel to be an oppressive fighter, it wants players to perform devastating combos with relative ease, and it wants its class-based roster to feel incendiary at worst and overpowered at best. This is, in essence, the distinct identity of DNF Duel, and while it can sometimes make for a frustrating experience online, it is ultimately the chaotic path that the title chooses to walk. Personally, I’m fine with it. And I got destroyed on stream. But I do think that maybe ArcSys could stand to put the roster under the microscope a little more.

DNF Duel is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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