DmC to use Unreal Engine

If you hated Dante’s new look and want something more legitimate to moan about, you might wish to align yourself with the Unreal Engine skeptics, as it has been revealed that DmC will be using Epic’s engine instead of Capcom’s preferred MT Framework. 

This means that DmC will have a totally different engine behind the bonnet than Devil May Cry 4 had. Could be that this game will have a very different feel, and not just in terms of aesthetic. 

I’m really pumped for the game, and have a lot of faith in Ninja Theory, a studio that just seems to be improving with each successive game. Hopefully the haters cool their jets soon, although we all know they’ll buy it day one like everybody else. 

Principles: Videogame boycotters do not stick to them.

DmC: Devil May Cry to utilize Unreal Engine [Joystiq]

Jim Sterling