DJ Hero turntables, demos hit eBay, no one bids

DJ Hero turntable controllers and Xbox 360 demo discs have made their way to eBay… and nobody is buying!

That could of course be chalked up to the fact that the starting bid for one failed auction was $300… close to two hundred dollars more than what the game will sell for at retail when it hits shelves on October 27. At the time of writing, one auction has a few hours left to go, with a starting price of $142… or you can buy it for $362. Did I mention it comes with a DJ Hero shoulder bag? 

The demo/controller combos were likely put on eBay by an enterprising retail worker; Activision recently sent demo kits out, intended for being demoed by customers, not for sale on eBay. Obviously.

The demo disc features three DJ tracks and one multiplayer guitar vs. DJ track — the final version, of course, will feature more music. The peripheral will also be wireless — wires are so last year — unlike the ones being sold here with the stinky USB cable. Heck, even the demo unit Activision sent me doesn’t have a wire!

[Thanks, Isaac!] 

[UpdateGiant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann has informed us (via the Twitters) that these are the same items given to press at a recent DJ Hero event. While I had originally hypothesized that these came from retail, it’s entirely possible that someone in the press is trying to pull a slimy fast one, too. Gross.] 

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