DJ Hero confirmed, called a ‘licensing nightmare’

Not too long ago we brought you a rumor about a new Activision title called DJ Hero. The information about the title seemed solid, but didn’t have any substantiation past an initial shadowy source. MTV recently secured another mysterious source person who has confirmed the existence of the title.

The source said that DJ Hero’s reported mechanics are “really good,” but regarded the title as a “licensing nightmare” as a result of having to work with the music industry so closely. Considering the nature of mash-ups in the game, one has to wonder if a couple of curse words have been tossed around in FreeStyleGame’s offices regarding the licensing.

Even though DJ Hero sounds awesome, I still wonder if it will perform anywhere near the level that I am imagining. Really, all I want to do is act like Paul Oakenfold. Make that happen, Activision.

Brad BradNicholson