DJ Hero box art says Guitar Hero on it

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Here it is, your official box art for the base edition of DJ Hero.

My first reaction was that it looks like a musical ransom note of sorts. My second reaction was “Oh, snap! They’re mixing Beastie Boys with Bel Biv effin’ Devoe!” But the inclusion of the Guitar Hero name and logo, displayed proudly on the box, definitely caught me off guard.

Not surprising, as the Guitar Hero brand is strong; it would almost be as silly as leaving Call of Duty off of the box art for Modern Warfare 2. But the “Hero” name and its logo (which DJ Hero borrows) is certainly well-recognized on its own. I suppose a little extra assurance that it’ll catch eyes when on retail shelves isn’t a bad thing for Activision, though. 

Initially, I thought it was too busy. But thinking about it further, it does a decent job of conveying the DJ/genre-mash-up culture the game is going for. So what do you think?

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