Division players get 150 free Phoenix Credits this weekend

Affected players get more

Ubisoft is trying to make good with people who have had to put up with glitches, bugs, and inconveniences in The Division since its early March launch. The way it intends to do that is by offering level 30 players a nice chunk of the game’s most sought-after currency.

Developer Massive Entertainment announced on this week’s “State of the Game” livestream that it would gift 150 Phoenix Credits to players this weekend. This is to compensate for the daily activities that didn’t update for three days leading up to the Incursions update. It seems that people simply need to log into the game to redeem the gift.

For those who were actually affected significantly by bugs, Ubisoft has something more substantial in mind. They will receive 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 of each of the game’s high-end crafting materials. That compensation is coming sometime in the next two weeks.

Really, this consolation effort probably falls on both sides of “too little” and “too much.” 150 Phoenix Credits is a lot for those who weren’t majorly affected because they only missed a few dailies. However, 500 Phoenix Credits isn’t much for those who may have spent weeks locked out of the game. That event might have been enough to turn them off of The Division altogether.

State of the Game: 19/04/16 [Twitch via VG247]

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