Disturbed offering new Rock Band DLC via Best Buy pre-order deal

Hey, do you like the metal band Disturbed? You know, that band whose singer makes weird screeching monkey noises in some of their songs? Yeah, me neither. But there’s some pretty cool news for those of you who do.

Best Buy is offering a pretty slick Rock Band-related deal for the band’s new album, Indestructible, which is set to hit stores on June 3. Pre-order the album online and you’ll receive a download code for two Rock Band tracks, “Inside the Fire” and “Indestructible,” both from the forthcoming album. No word on whether or not these tracks will be available through the Rock Band Music Store, though it seems like a fairly obvious move. (Note that the Best Buy site only appears to be offering the tracks for Xbox 360.)

This is the second time that a band has decided to make songs available for Rock Band prior to their commercial release; last month, Mötley Crüe’s latest single, “Saints of Los Angeles,” became available for just under a dollar. Whether or not you’re fans of these bands is irrelevant — it’s just good to see that the music industry is taking notice of the game, and seeing it as a viable money-making and promotional opportunity.

Now bring on some new Shakira already.

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