Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s open beta is coming to the west just before launch

January 12-21

If you want to see for yourself just how well Squall squares up against Lightning, you can check out the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta next month.

Unlike the previous round this one is open, and will run from January 12 through 21 in both Europe and North America. “More details are coming close to the date” according to Square Enix, but for now, it’s a done deal. Enjoy the holidays and come back to emo belt boy battles.

As someone who has enjoyed the PSP renditions but really dug the idea of a fully realized arcade/console game, I’m pretty jazzed for this one. Dissidia has always been a relatively messy series, but that’s precisely why I love it, and similar games like The Bouncer. Sometimes it’s okay to skew toward brawler DNA and not be the most technical game on the market.

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