Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will reveal yet another character next week: who could it be? Zack attack?

Reveal on September 24

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, like a lot of fighting games recently, continues to get heaps of support even a year after its release.

Square Enix has been steadily adding and revealing new costumes and characters since its January 2018 launch on PS4, and had a regular cadence of content years before that when it debuted in 2015 in Japanese arcades. It looks like we’re set for another character surprise stream next week! Who could it be? Well there’s a lot of rumors out there concerning Vivi, but there’s another more likely candidate.

All signs point to Zack as DLC, even if he isn’t announced this time around. The game’s director even confirmed last year that the voice actor for Zack approached them to be a part of the game, and that he should be considered “eventually.” For reference, the last DLC character was Tifa, who was announced at the end of June.

You can find the stream embedded below, which will go live at 7AM ET on September 24, 20:00 JST.

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