Dissidia Final Fantasy NT now has a proper spectator mode

And EX Skill set copying for quicker setup

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is going to have a tough time in the pro circuit due to a few key mechanics, but I’ve been having fun with it when treating it as an escapist brawler. It could easily expand its audience beyond that with tweaks though, which I hope are coming given that we already have a ton of confirmed paid DLC on the way.

One such addition did already arrive in the form of patch 1.05, which came around the same time as 1.04. As a result of the new updates NT now has a proper spectator mode in custom matches, stability has been improved, a few unnamed bugs have been fixed, and you can now copy EX skills between characters (a nice quality of life addition for roster setup).

Get a look at the full official notes below, but be wary that they’re sparse. That’s another thing Square Enix could fix — better, more detailed patch notes! I’m sure serious fans will appreciate knowing exactly which bugs have been addressed.

Version 1.05

  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.04

  • Added Spectator functionality to Custom Matches
  • Added ability to copy EX Skill Sets between characters during customization
  • Improved stability
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