Dissidia Final Fantasy NT goes for the nostalgia tendon with Tactic’s Orbonne Monastery arena

Yeah, this got me

As I’ve said in the past, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a silly brawler that more often than not appeals to people who are more into an all-stars mashup than a serious fighting game, and this upcoming bit of free DLC is no exception.

A new trailer from the official Square Enix channel is previewing Orbonne Monastery; that classic location from Final Fantasy Tactics that pretty much anyone, even those who only played it for a few hours and were turned off by it, will recognize.

I think they nailed the simple elegance of it based on the footage we have so far, and it looks especially great for 1v1s. My hope is that over time Square Enix and developer Team Ninja can continue to support NT, and help it reach its true potential.

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