Dissidia: Final Fantasy confirmed cast plus rumored characters

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The upcoming Square Enix Final Fantasy fighting title Dissidia: Final Fantasy could have become the next Ergheiz, but Wired’s Game|Life says it isn’t. Thank Odin! Their hands-on with the PlayStation Portable title at Jump Festa 2008 gives us some new details on the title as well as a list of characters.

Confirmed characters:

  • The Warrior of Light, Garland (FFI)
  • Firion, Emperor Palamecia (FFII)
  • Sephiroth (FFVII)
  • Squall, Ultimecia (FFVIII)
  • Zidane, Kuja (FFIX)
  • Tidus (FFX)

Between this character list and Game|Life’s impressions, my interest in this title has increased greatly. I’ve always wanted to kick Tidus’ ass.

Siliconera links us to rumored artwork which suggests the addition of characters like Exdeath, Jecht, The Cloud of Darkness, and even Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka. Who wouldn’t want to play as Kefka? I hope he laughs in his SNES voice when he wins a bout.

Japanese PSP owners and importers will finally get their hands on Dissidia: Final Fantasy in early 2008. 

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