Dissidia Duodecim screens show Kane and Lightning

Seriously, Square Enix? You’re calling it Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy? Really!? I thought the increasingly pompous Kingdom Hearts names were bad enough, but this is reaching the point of self-satire. Oh well, that’s what the follow-up to Square Enix’s PSP brawler is called and we’ll have to deal with it now. 

Dissidia 012 features new characters, two of which have been shown in this meager portion of new screens. Final Fantasy IV‘s Kane and XIII‘s Lightning have both been shown off and look pretty much how you’d expect. 

Check out the small screens in our gallery, and feel free to ask, as I have, why it’s too much for Square Enix to title its games sensibly.

[Via Andria Sang]

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