Disney producer lets Tron Legacy game slip

In a recent interview with The Latino Review Disney producer Steven Lisberger let some news drop about Tron Legacy geting its own videogame. Latino Review went straight into their discussion, which took place at the D23 Expo, with the question and got litte resistance from the producer in revealing that a game was coming out in conjunction with the film despite the fact Lisberger was unsure if he should even be mentioning it. Cats out of the bag now, isn’t it. The game is obviously being produced by Disney Interactive.

A major motion picture from a studio with its own game development company getting a videogame version of it made? Shut the front door. Who could have possbily seen something like this coming? Captain Obvious gave me a few other tips about the game that haven’t been confirmed yet but most likely will come true: It’s coming out on every system under the sun, it’s going to be released around the same time as the film (next winter), and it’s going to have Jeff Bridge’s voice in it. On the gameplay side, you’re going to be able to drive one of the motorcycles, and it’s going to be awesome. 

Matthew Razak