Disney Infinity exec slams amiibo shortages

Calls shortages ‘irresponsible and rude’

If you, like me, got really into collecting amiibo when they launched late last year, you have without a doubt at some point come to realize that they’re really damn annoying to collect. Artificial supply constraints, limited runs, edited restocks and store exclusives have created a golden opportunity for scalpers and a nightmare for genuine collectors.

Collecting amiibo is simply not fun, it’s something we do out of obsession at this point.

With this all said, today we were treated to Disney Infinity Executive Producer John Vignocchi directly addressing his thoughts on amiibo for the first time. Speaking to Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, he unsurprisingly had some negative things to say about amiibo supply to customers:

Hanson: Given the turbulent release of Amiibo characters, are you doing anything to prepare for the high demand for Star Wars figures?

Vignocchi: There is never an intention to create a shortage of any figures. It is irresponsible and rude to your hardcore fans. They don’t want to create frustration or the hunt. So they will be stocking the shelves well!

Honestly, irresponsible and rude sums up some of my personal feelings on amiibo production at the moment. As someone who initially collected every figure, I have found myself buying fewer and fewer as time goes on.

So, how are you feeling about amiibo?

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