Dishonored 2 trailer reminds us that there’s always a choice

Mercy or revenge? Savior or assassin?

Choice is one of Dishonored‘s defining features. It’s not the sort of thing where you press one or the other buttons to decide. Instead, it’s woven into the gameplay. It’s the constant pull between shedding blood and acting mercifully. Sometimes the latter route ends up more cruel than just outright killing someone. What an ironic twist.

As we’ve long known, Dishonored 2 won’t stray from that. If it did, it’d undo the very foundation of what this series is. There are different ways to get to the game’s conclusion (especially true now that both Corvo and Emily are playable) and the amount of chaos between beginning and end is negotiable.

What isn’t negotiable are all the main plot threads. This narrative trailer eloquently provides a broad overview with a neat and stylish pop-up book aesthetic. It seems so innocent considering all the threatening undertones and violence. You have the option of doing away with half of that when Dishonored 2 releases next week; you can forego the violence, but you probably can’t keep from being constantly in danger.

Brett Makedonski
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