Dishonored 2 still looks amazing as hell

Some straight gameplay out of gamescom

The last Dishonored 2 trailer out of QuakeCon was Corvo-heavy, which is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. That’s fine, no judgment. Some of my best friends are Corvo. But this gamescom trailer shifts the focus back to the other protagonist, Empress Emily Kaldwin, whom I am jazzed to play as.

I’ve kind of been sleeping on Dishonored 2, which is steadily approaching its November 11 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) release. I’m strangely anti-hype about it, despite the feeling that it’ll probably be one of my favorite games of 2016, given what we’ve seen and how I loved the first. I guess I’m content to twiddle my thumbs until, one day soon, it’ll be out and ready for me to enjoy.

Steven Hansen