Dishonored 2 is looking like a serious game of the year contender

Every time I hear ‘Corvo’ I swear they are saying ‘Kurva’

Bethesda showed off two minutes of gameplay back at Gamescom on a level called the Clockwork Mansion. Now it has released an extended eight-minute look at the bizarre mansion that shape-shifts like a steampunk version of Hogwarts. Frankly it looks fantastic, but I do have some minor concerns.

The gameplay itself seems fast, fluid, and satisfying, even if we are still waiting for some stealth-focused gameplay to be shown. Various moves like “Shadow Walk,” “Domino,” and “Doppelganger” are put on display by Emily. The few concerns I have require a microscope.

The in-game scene talking to a guy behind a glass door seems like it could be intrusive; I hope that’s skippable as the start-of-level boat scenes were unskippable in the first game. Also, Emily talks to herself too much. “It’s a long way down.” No way Emily, you think? Most importantly, there seems to be a lot of robots which is fine for action, but I don’t think it fits for stealth. Sneaking around enemies and using stealth in games like Splinter Cell or Hitman or even Dishonored has its tension due to the fact that you are evading detection from cognizant humans.

I’m not sure what else to say other than that I’m excited to see what looks to be a quality sequel to a game with a high skill level. I want to see more of this:

Cory Arnold
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