Disgaea Infinite revealed as PSN download

A new Disgeaa game is coming to the PlayStation Network is is due to be shown off at the Tokyo Game Show. The title is currently being worked on right now and goes by the name Disgaea Infinite, although at the moment there seems to be some confusion as what system it’s meant to release on.

Sony is currently claiming that the game is a PS3 title, while Japanese magazine Famitsu lists it as a PSP release. Of course, there’s every change that both claims are correct. Perhaps Infinite will be designed to work with the PS3 and the PSP, in the same was that PSOne Classics currently do. 

Another NIS game will also be at TGS. It’s called Zettai Hero Modification Project. Um, yeah.

I hope Infinite is a game, personally. Grinding, impregnable games like Disagaea are so much more digestible in portable form.

Jim Sterling