Disgaea 7 announced for PlayStation and Switch

Coming to Japan on January 26, dood!

A very happy morning for JRPG fans, as Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) has officially announced Disgaea 7, the latest entry in the legendary anime adventure series. Currently in the works at NIS, the new mainline chapter will launch in Japan January 26 on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Set against the backdrop of the “Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster,” Disgaea 7 will see a wandering samurai, Fuji, team with a spritely otaku girl, Piririka, as the duo embark upon an against-the-odds mission to overthrow the wicked Ooedo Shogunate and restore peace and order to the land, currently occupied by a ruthless invading force. It will take strong-willed belief in friendship, honor, and loyalty if Hinomoto is ever to see its shattered peace and tranquility rightfully restored.

Of course, alongside Fuji and Piririka, players can expect to meet a huge cast of allies and enemies, including wild-eyed wolf-girl Ao, humanoid weapon Suisen, mighty swordswoman Higan Zesshousai, and pint-sized explosives expert Seefour (see what they did there?). Disgaea 7 will feature the deep exploration and chaotic combat that is a series trope, while including all new mechanics such as the “Dodeka MAX” feature, which sees characters grow into literal giants for kaiju-style warfare.

disgaea 7 dodega max mode

The “Reincarnation” mechanic will allow players to rebirth party members over and over again, retaining combat knowledge and skills from previous iterations while afforded the chance to start an entirely new build. This mechanic also applies to weapons and gear, letting the player evolve their party and tools with reckless abandon. Additionally, over 45 generic characters will be featured in Disgaea 7, so you’ll have no problem building up your home team of colorful freedom fighters out of a roster of new and familiar faces.

And this is all just scratching the surface of what will be available in Disgaea 7. Ranked battles, custom A.I. mechanics, new skills and abilities, and a range of limited and collector’s editions will all be present and correct come launch day. Western fans should take heart that while localization is yet to be announced, it seems incredibly likely that NIS America will be picking up the new sequel for its overseas fan communities, so stay tuned for further announcements.

In the meantime, you can find more screenshots, details, and character profiles over at the official website.

disgaea 7 roster characters

Disgaea 7 launches in Japan January 26, 2023 on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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