Disgaea 5 PC gets a last minute delay after Steam demo unlocks more than intended

Now ‘summer’ 2018

In what was recently referred to as “pulling a Yakuza,” NIS found themselves in a pickle this week. As it turns out the Steam demo for Disgaea 5 Complete, which was set to debut next week, unlocked more content than the studio intended. Immediately after the company revoked the Steam licenses and announced that Complete was pushed back to a “summer” 2018 release on PC.

The demo was originally supposed to be just the first chapter of the game, but players discovered that they were able to keep going through chapter three. The announcement to delay the game came directly after the slip-up, but the developer seems to be communicating that it’s not entirely related. NIS COO Mitsuharu Hiraoka commented on the situation, stating: “We thank you all for the support we have been given while we have been working towards the release of Disgaea 5 Complete for PC, and we wish to show our gratitude by providing our fans with the best quality game on the PC platform. We hope that you continue to look forward to this release as we proceed to work tirelessly to correct this issue.”

While their console releases are typically top notch, NIS has had a rough time with the PC platform recently. Ys VIII launched on Steam with a litany of issues, only some of which have been corrected.

Disgaea 5 PC [Steam]

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