Disgaea 5 Complete demo now live on the Switch eShop

Out on May 19 in Europe

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Have you taken our Disgaea 5 Complete quiz yet? Well, you should!

If you don’t have time for it (or maybe scored something in the neighborhood of 25-74) you can check out the demo instead, which is now live on the North American eShop. Yep, just North America for now, as the European demo isn’t scheduled to go live until May 19.

Or you could just use the magic of cross-regional accounts and create a North American profile right now to download it for free. The actual game will ship on May 23 in the US if the demo does grab you.

It should! It’s a great SRPG, and since most Disgaea games are only tangentially related (if at all) you can dive right in without having played any previous iterations.

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