Disgaea 3 trailer brings the Blu-ray graphics we’ve been waiting for

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Disgaea is the type of game you want to play if you have nothing in your life. I mean, absolutely nothing. If you’re a professional, emotional and spiritual wasteland, then the days and days of levelling up, levelling up and levelling up some more are going to be right up your alley. For normal people, it can be a might too impenetrable, but it’s still a damn fine game.
The only question I have is this: Why on Earth is Disgaea 3 not on the PlayStation 2 where it belongs? A great title it may be, but Sony isn’t going to trot it out to show off these fantastic Blu-ray graphics now, is it? This kind of stuff should be on the still-thriving PS2, which has almost become a haven for such games. 
Whatever the reason, Disagaea 3 is on the PS3 and from the trailer, it hasn’t changed much. Good news for those without lives. Intimidating news for those who have to be somewhere but just need one … more … level.
[Thanks Donut]

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