Disgaea 3 finally heading to Europe in February

NIS games aren’t known for their timely PAL releases, but you can’t really blame such a small and relatively obscure outfit. Nevertheless, they thankfully manage to find some way to hit European shores, and the studio’s big PS3 release, Disgaea: Absence of Justice, is making its way to Fish n’ Chip Island on February 20.

Although Koei has been known to handle Atlus and NIS games in Europe, this will be yet another of those wacky Japanese titles published instead by Square Enix. “With Disgaea 3, Nippon Ichi [NIS] have created a wonderful world full of bizarre characters and deep, addictive gameplay,” says John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. “I hope everyone enjoys playing this unique and rewarding title.”

I keep forgetting about Disgaea 3, but finally made myself add it to the Gamefly queue last night. Hopefully I get a copy before it’s released in Europe, otherwise what was the point of moving to The States?

NO point. No point at bloody all.

Jim Sterling