Discord is going to allow studios to manage their own verified servers, starting with Minecraft

And a few others like PUBG and Supercell

As this generation moves on, studios want to control the message more and more. The rise of influencers is an obvious example, as are verified, controlled environments on otherwise “wild west”-esque social channels. Naturally this would lead to things like verified Twitter accounts, and now Discord is getting in on the officially sanctioned action.

According to the official Discord site, they’re now adding a new feature for verified servers, which allow studios like Microsoft to take control of their own communities for games like Minecraft. As a developer you’ll be able to completely run said community, with full administrative power.

This has the potential to be fairly big if more influential studios actually use it as a form of communication and ditch other more public-facing models. I don’t think that’ll happen though as the power of marketing still requires as many eyes as they can possibly get, but I can see little updates here and there being an alluring factor if the servers get big enough (like small hotfix communication and the like that wouldn’t warrant a grandstanding blog post).

Verification [Discord]

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