Discord among new features in today’s PS5 firmware update

Now you can be insulted on a whole new platform

Sony has released the latest firmware update for its princely gaming platform PlayStation 5 (PS5) — The 23.01 update is now available to download to the console, weighing it at a little over the 1GB mark.

Perhaps the most notable addition here is the long, long-time coming integration of the Discord service, which will let PS5 users sync their current Discord accounts to the PS5 console, offering up new ways of communication with friends, enemies, and new enemies. The PS5 Discord service will also allow for game invites, party chat, and even screen sharing. Thus, it will be a useful tool for anybody who frequently plays with friends, or likes to make meandering, half-interested conversations while gaming.

In addition to Discord, the new update offers up a fistful of new technical features. These include a 1440p Variable Refresh Rate option (provided you have games and displays to support such an option). The DualSense controller can now update wirelessly, and PS5 to PS5 data transfer can now be made over Wi-Fi (ah wouldn’t).

In a neat touch, Game Capture can now be activated by voice, allowing players to simply call out “Hey PlayStation, capture that” for an instant recording of recent gameplay, without having to break their flow fiddling through menus. This tool is particularly cool if you’re somebody who frequently shares clips online. I still feel weird talking to my console. But then, I feel weird talking to anyone.

This just scratches the surface of the new update, which also includes an improved Screen Reader, revised folder filters, and new library options for PSVR 2 titles. For full details on Version 23.01, check out the official patch notes over on the official PlayStation Blog.

Chris Moyse
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