Disavowed is Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next chapter, coming March 10

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Ahhhhhhhh….ah-ah… (Duel of Fates)

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I played a teensy weensy bit of Star Wars: The Old Republic when it first came out, but I was doing it on a shitty laptop and was discouraged by how poorly it was performing. Chris says that the game is currently the best it has ever been, so I’m thinking about giving it another shot when I find time. Bioware is trying to further convince me by announcing the newest episode in the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline, Disavowed.

On March 10, players will encounter Major Jorgan, commander of the Havoc Squad and fight alongside him against the Eternal Empire (I’m sure this means something to someone, but it sure isn’t me). If you subscribe to The Old Republic before March 1, you get a special helmet inspired by HK-55 and the chance to play Disavowed two days early. Here’s a short teaser for you:

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